Monday, September 19, 2011

Narnia Exhibition!

Hi everyone! :)
Yesterday I got back from visiting the Narnia Exhibition in Louisville Kentucky! :D  It was so awesome, I really enjoyed it!  Yesterday was the last day it was in Louisville, so it was cool to be able to go on the last day. :)
When you walk in you are in a room decorated to look like C.S. Lewis' study.  On a desk there was a letter that he had written and a pipe and mug he had owned.  After we had looked that area over, we moved on to a wardrobe that was made to resemble the one on the movie.  When we walked through I stepped close to the coats that hung up so I could feel them like Lucy did. =)  On the other side of the wardrobe there was a lamp post, and after a quick glance around, I made a bee line to Peter's armor. It was very cool!  After that I got to see Caspian's armor, Miraz's armor, The Pevensie kids' school clothes from Prince Caspian and play clothes from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and lots of other cool stuff!  The only problem was that you weren't allowed to take pictures inside the exhibit. =(  Oh well, some other people did, so I'll use one or two of their pictures in this post.

The costumes were my favorite part!  There is so much detail on them that you never notice in the movies.  There are little pictures on the edges of Miraz's shields that depict the Telmarines coming to Narnia and taking over, there is a picture of a lion on Caspian's shoulder armor, Peter's sheath has a lion face on it that you never see in the movie, his shoulder armor has this really pretty pattern of leaves etched on it...  It was just so amazing! =D  It was so neat to look at the armor and just think, "William Moseley wore this!" (He's the guy who acted Peter)   =)
At one point we were standing in front of this exhibit:
The boys' jackets were on the floor to look like in the movie when they had thrown them down in the sand.  I glanced around, and I couldn't see any no touching sign on this part of the exhibit.  When no one was looking I bent down and touched the sleeve of Peter's jacket.  I waited to tell my brother and sister that I had done it until afterwards when we were getting in the van.  They were surprised and wished they had done it. Ha ha ha. =)  I can't wait to watch the movie with my friends and say, "Oh, by the way, I've touched the sleeve of Peter's jacket." xD  Anyway, that was one of the highlights.  

We also visited some family in KY, and it was really nice to see them. =)  We also went Geo-caching!  It was really fun, but we only found one cache, the other was gone.  My brother got a Mace Windu lightsaber from McDonalds in one of the Caches.  But yeah, we had a great time! =)

(picture is mine)
I had posted about wanting to get a Narnia action figure, well, I gave in and got it.  It's very awesome and I'm glad I did. =)  My sister got a few as well.  And we got a castle for them too. xD

I'm now a Lord of the Rings fan! =D  I've read all the LOTR books as well as the Hobbit, and I'm hooked!  I'm begging to see the movies and also looking forward to the release of the Hobbit movie in 2012! =D  Return of the King was my favorite of the books.  My favorite characters are the four hobbits.  If I had to pick one favorite I'd have to say Sam.  I REALLY want to see the movies. xD  I'm going to try to make my own LOTR cloak sometime soon. 

Anyway, that's all the time I have for now.  Thanks to anyone who read this, if you comment I'll try my best to come and comment on your blog! :)



  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! Touching Peter's jacket must have been so neat. My favorite LotR character is Sam too! I've been wanting to make a cloak for a long time, but still haven't gotten to it - hopefully before The Hobbit comes out! Anyway, glad you had a good time!

  2. I went to an exibet like this in April. It was soo cool. Glad you had fun!!:)The action figure looks soo Awesome. AHHH. Another LOTR fan!!! Mesa one too.*High fives*

  3. Ooo sounds like fun!!! Things like that are so cool!!! :D Wish one would come near me. ;P

    -Ley <3

  4. That is soooo cool! I would of loved to of seen that :D

  5. tried so hard to get into LOTR. didn't turn out so well. i just couldn't get into the books. maybe i should just try the movies first. :)

  6. I went to one in Disney!!! The first room was like Aslan's Howe[the Stone Table] and then the exhibition room was their clothes and stuff from Prince Caspian!! It was AWESOME....

  7. Oh, yes!! That is so cool that you went to the Narnia Exhibition. And I'm a LOTR fan, too. I just saw The Fellowship a few days ago. I loved it :)


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